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The Rodan Club – Tennis Association


The Rodan Club looks after its guests, providing the safety and psychophysical development of all the citizens (according to the Act on Physical Culture).


 The aims:


  • Popularization and  strengthening the central position of professional and amateur  sports federations, including various  forms of competitive sports, recreational activities.
  • The development and promotion of tennis
  • Participation in  junior-youth sports events, organizing and promotion of sport in the Kórnik Administrative District and its neighbouring area
  • The campaign promoting helthy lifestyle among abused and neglected children, as a tool against alcoholism, drug abuse, and other social ills.
  • Providing adequate support for various sports activities, due to particular  age, physical fitness and the participant expectations
  • Planning and organising appropriate sport and leisure extra activities for  all the club members.
  • Promoting better health  through physical activity and sports.
  • Participation and cooperating with similar sports institutions.
  • Offering after-school and holiday time successful activities.
  • The inter-club competitions.
  • Formal applying for the financial support, the media, management and law assistance.

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